Leadership Evaluation and Development Report

The Leadership Evaluation and Development Report, LEADrTM, measures five key areas that are important for most any leadership position. 


  • Problem Solving.  Leaders who can think logically and have an interest in learning will be able to help you solve your business challenges so that they stay fixed.  
  • Leading People.  Leaders who are assertive and accomplish success through the efforts of others are able to take a stand when necessary and will engage direct reports to achieve high levels of performance. 
  • Leading Results.  Leaders who are energetic, take action, and know how to organize work will produce. 
  • Interpersonal Skills.  Leaders who are friendly and seek harmony with others are will be easy to work with and help the team succeed. 
  • Dependability.  Leaders who are consistent and stable in their words and actions are required when building and maintaining a highly productive and engaged culture.